The value creation process at Poste Italiane

The year 2022 marked a decisive point in the country’s recovery after more than two years of the Covid-19 health crisis,
during which Poste Italiane was able to further confirm its centrality in supporting the community and the territory in which
it operates. Thanks to its widespread presence throughout the country, the Group was a point of reference for the country
at a time of defining new post-pandemic balances, as well as humanitarian and energy crises due to the conflict in Ukraine.
Poste Italiane has strengthened its collaboration with institutions, supporting the public administration on the one hand and
small municipalities on the other, contributing to the country’s digital and sustainable transition.

Poste Italiane’s business model is characterised by the combination of strategy, value creation and the generation of financial and non-financial capital, as exemplified in the figure below.

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