Being an essential driver in the Group’s strategic and financial choices, sustainability is an integral component of Poste Italiane’s activities, processes and strategy.

Over the past few years, the Group has embarked on an ambitious path to consolidate its Sustainability Strategy, given the importance it attaches to it; this Sustainability Strategy, in fact, is aimed at creating shared value for Poste Italiane’s stakeholders and on its own reputational growth.

The Group is therefore committed to disseminating a corporate culture focused on sustainable issues, which are concretely implemented according to three main guidelines – Reporting, Strategy and Governance. From the very beginning, the efforts undertaken have allowed the achievement of important evolutionary changes and, at the same time, have enabled Poste Italiane to achieve numerous prestigious national and international goals.

Poste Italiane’s sustainability path

Sustainability path


UN Global Compact: the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. An appeal to companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and to take actions that promote society’s objectives. It is a voluntary initiative to implement the principles of universal sustainability and adopt measures to support the objectives of the United Nations.

Principles for Responsible Investment: the PRIs are a set of six principles that set out the main actions to be taken by investors and provide specific tools (e.g. frameworks, guidelines) aimed at incorporating Environmntal, Social and Governance (ESG) factors within traditional investment policies.

Principles for Sustainable Insurance: the PSIs are a voluntary initiative, supported by the United Nations, aimed at addressing risks and opportunities relating to ESG issues in the insurance sector. Launched in 2012, the PSIs are aligned with and complement the principles of the UN Global Compact.

UN Women: is the UN entity dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women. UN Women was established to accelerate progress in meeting their needs around the world. It supports UN member states as they define global standards to achieve gender equality and work with governments and civil society to design the laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls around the world.

CSR Exhibition: is the most important event in Italy dedicated to sustainability. It is an opportunity to share ideas and find common paths through dozens of meetings, hundreds of speakers and thousands of visitors. The exhibition allows getting to know the companies that have made sustainability a strategic driver, meeting young people, helping build the future of CSR. The exhibition takes place for two days, which are intense thanks to a rich cultural programme, many stimulating appointments, many opportunities for networking.

Sodalitas: established in 1995 on the initiative of Assolombarda, this foundation was the first organisation to promote corporate sustainability in Italy, by contributing to the development of the role of companies as social as well as economic players, and putting the strengths of corporate culture at the service of civil society. A unique organisation in Italy, it brings together the commitment of more than 100 leading companies and a group of volunteer managers, and is a reference point for companies that consider sustainability to be a vital strategic dimension. It has gained respect as a partner of European institutions for implementing the sustainability agenda in Italy, and stands out for its ability to implement multi-stakeholder initiatives for generating shared social value.

Anima per il Sociale: an association that brings together a group of managers and companies with the mission of spreading the culture of corporate social responsibility and sustainability among local companies, at an economic, social and environmental level. The partnership enables the Group to access the association’s network – consisting of large companies, associations, non-profit organisations, bodies and authorities – in order to keep up to date through monitoring, communication and training activities and by participating in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and events.

CSR Manager: a network made up of professionals working in all kinds of organisations (companies, business foundations, trade bodies, the Public Administration, non-profit entities) who manage social, environmental and sustainability issues relating to business activities. This network of association provides the opportunity to participate in conferences held, access documents and studies prepared by the network and share best practices with the other members.

Valore D: founded in 2009, it is the first association of companies to promote women’s diversity, talent and leadership in support of greater gender balance within its 150 member organisations. This collaboration enables Poste Italiane, as a supporting member since 2012, to actively participate in programmes and workshops organised by the association, as well as to take part in benchmarks and the sharing of best practices regarding the issues of diversity management, achievement of work-life balance and welfare.

ASPHI: an organisation that has been promoting the integration of disabled people in schools, employment and companies via the use of ICT technology for over 30 years. The collaboration with Poste Italiane has been consolidated over several years, in relation to participation in programmes for the inclusion and enhancement of disabled people in corporate environments.

ESG Awards and Recognitions

Top Employer Italia 2022
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Poste Italiane is Top Employer Italia 2023, for the fourth consecutive year. The prestigious award was given to Poste Italiane by the Top Employers Institute, the global certification body for excellence in HR practices.

Poste Italiane is among the 25
strongest brands in the world
according to Brand Finance

Poste Italiane is among the top 25 global companies by brand strength according to a ranking compiled by Brand Finance. The Company achieved a score of 89/100 and a AAA rating, improving by 13 positions compared to 2021. Only 84 global brands are rated AAA. At 1 January 2022, the Company’s brand was worth $7.8 billion, an increase of 26% over the previous year. In the Brand Finance Insurance 100 2022, Poste Italiane climbs to 18th place, up from 21st last year for its ability to generate financial value. The increase in brand value, more than double the average of the 100 insurance companies in the ranking, allowed the company to rank second among Italian insurance companies.

Brand Finance Global 500

Poste Italiane re-enters the Brand Finance Global 500. The ranking, which includes the 500 brands with the highest financial value worldwide, places Poste Italiane at the 283rd rank in 2023
Largest company by number of
employees to receive
“EQUAL-SALARY” certification

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The certification, issued by “EQUAL-SALARY”, an independent Swiss non-profit organisation in cooperation with the University of Geneva, allows companies to verify and publicise pay equity, for equal work, within the company organisation. Poste Italiane is the first among the companies in the FTSE MIB insurance sector and the largest company by number of employees to receive the “EQUAL-SALARY” certification for the strict application of remuneration policies without gender bias, demonstrating its commitment to creating an inclusive working environment and a corporate culture based on respect and equal opportunities in career paths.

Postepay Green Product of the year

In 2022, “Postepay Green” received the “Elected Product of the Year 2022” award in the “Young Financial Services” category. Poste Italiane’s eco-friendly card, dedicated to 10- 17-year-old young people, is the payment tool with which PostePay S.p.A. has started converting its products to ecofriendly materials; these are made from materials such as marine plastics from the oceans, materials of biological origin (PLA) or with biodegradable plastics, thanks to the addition of additives. This award is an important recognition of Poste Italiane’s capacity for both innovation and support for the New Generation: the card, in fact, empowers parents and children to use innovative and smart features and represents a first tool for educating young people about conscious and responsible money management, with an eye also to environmental issues.

in media communication

In 2022, Poste Italiane was confirmed for the third consecutive year among the companies awarded and certified for the impact of its corporate communication with the BIC, the certification created by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting. The Group topped the TOP TEN of EIKON Consulting, which evaluates and compares the performance of media relations activities and the visibility of top Italian companies in the major national media.

Confirmed 3rd position in Poste
Italiane’s Webranking Europe 500

In the twenty-sixth European edition of the “Webranking Europe 500” research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with the Swedish company Comprend, on the quality and transparency of companies’ digital communication activities, Poste Italiane was placed third, confirming its position at European level compared to the previous year. The Group also won the “5 Stars” award in Lundquist’s “Trust” research for transparency in communication, and first place in the careers and insurance section.

Poste Italiane at the top for young

Poste Italiane has been recognised as one of the most attractive companies for students in the Italian labour market by the “Most Attractive Employer 2022 – Students” rankings. The Group, in studies by Universum Global, a leading Swedish employer branding company, is in tenth position in the “Business/Commerce” segment, in ninth position in the “Law” segment, in eighth position in the ranking “Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education” and 23rd in “Engineering/IT/Natural Sciences”.

Poste Italiane Group ranked eighth in Audiweb ranking
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In Audiweb’s ranking of Italian website and mobile app audience, as of December 2022, Poste Italiane ranked eighth overall among all publishers with more than 26.3 million unique monthly users.

Poste Italiane first prize at the
Financial Innovation Italian Award –
“INSIEME 24SI” project

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In the 2022 edition of the Financial Innovation Italian Award, Poste Italiane came first for the HR and Organisation Award with the “INSIEME 24SI” Project, and second in the same category with the “NoidiPoste App” Project. In addition, the Group received two more awards during the awards ceremony: third place with the PostePremium project in the Wealth Management category and third place in the “Special Innovative Financial Institution Award” for the year 2022.

Intranet Italy Champions

Poste Italiane has been awarded in the framework of “Intranet Italia Champions”, the annual event promoted and organised by Intranet Management and Ariadne Digital, dedicated to the most innovative initiatives and functionalities introduced through corporate intranets. The Company was awarded in 2022 in the category “Community and Social” for the NoidiPoste App.

Poste Italiane wins Touchpoint
Strategy Award 2022 for the
“Fianco a Fianco” campaign

Poste Italiane was awarded for its “Fianco a Fianco” campaign in the 2022 edition of the Touchpoint Strategy Awards, dedicated to brand positioning and the creation of the most effective communication strategies. In addition, at the “Touchpoint New York Festivals Award”, the campaign won the Bronze award.

Poste Italiane awarded Winner
Silver at Effie Awards

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Poste Italiane is Winner Silver of the Effie Awards twice in two years, for the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and communication performance. In particular, the “Zuppa Inglese” advertising campaign was awarded Winner Silver for the year 2022.

NC Awards rewards Poste
Italiane’s advertising campaigns

At the NC Awards 2022, Poste Italiane was honoured for its “Fianco a Fianco” campaign, with first place in the “Banking and Insurance” category and third place in the “Public Interest Services” category. In addition, with the “Poste Delivery” campaign, the Group took second place in the “Online ADV” category.

Poste Italiane awarded at Media
Key Awards

Poste Italiane has won two awards in the last two years at the Media Key Awards. In
particular, the philately campaign “Big Stories, Small Space 2021” was awarded in the
“Press&Outdoor” category in 2022.


Poste Italiane is among the 50 companies that, thanks to their business impact and
sustainability, are changing the world according to Fortune Change the World 2022.

Awarded the “INSIEME 24 SI”
people engagement initiative

Poste Italiane was awarded the Assochange prize in 2022 for its “INSIEME 24 SI” people
engagement initiative, which involved Group employees as authors of innovative ideas
for the company’s strategy.

Poste Italiane Group’s 160th
anniversary celebration event
honoured by FEIEA

Poste Italiane was awarded the Grand Prix Award 2022 for the event celebrating 160
years of the company’s history. The prize was awarded by FEIEA, the European
Association for Internal Communication.

Sustainability indices

In 2022, Poste Italiane confirmed its presence in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and in the more selective Dow Jones for the fourth consecutive year Sustainability Europe Index.
Poste Italiane has been included for the fourth year running in the prestigious FTSE4Good sustainability indices. The FTSE4Good Europe and FTSE4Good Developed indices include companies that stand out for their transparent management and application of ESG criteria. The company particularly stood out for its performance in Social and Governance.
The Company is positioned within the “Leadership” band with an A-rating in the annual classification drawn up by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) for the third consecutive year. In particular, Poste Italiane has distinguished itself for its transparent reporting and for defining policies and business strategies inclusive of climate-related objectives.
In 2022, Poste Italiane was confirmed in first place both in the overall “Universe” ranking and in the “Transport&Logistics” section, consolidating its presence in the Euronext VigeoEiris World 120 index and in the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 and Europe 120 regional indices.
As of October 2021, and confirmed also in 2022, Poste Italiane is included in the new Euronext MIB ESG index, ranking first among the best performing companies. The MIB ESG represents the first blue-chip index for Italy dedicated to sustainability, combining elements of economic performance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values.
In November 2022, the Group entered the new gender equality index “Euronext Equileap
Gender Equality Eurozone 100″, becoming one of the 100 companies in the Eurozone that
have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving gender equality in the workplace.
In March 2022, the Company was awarded an ESG Risk Rating of 12.7 (Low risk) by Sustainalytics, ranking second at the Universe level in the sub-industry Air Freight and Logistics.
In 2023, Poste Italiane was recognised by Sustainalytics as a top ESG performer on a panel of more than 15,000 companies assessed worldwide, obtaining the 2023 Industry Top-Rated Badge.
For the fourth year running, Poste Italiane has been confirmed in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI), the world’s leading gender equality index. The Company improved its performance compared to the previous year, once again scoring well above the average score of the companies evaluated within the GEI, which includes 484 companies, belonging to 11 manufacturing sectors with a combined market capitalisation of USD 16 trillion, based in 45 countries and regions.
In 2022, the Group entered the Top 100 global gender equality rankings compiled by Equileap. In particular, Poste Italiane is among the 19 groups worldwide that have overcome the gender pay gap, as well as among the 5 Italian companies that have made it into the global ranking and first in the financial sector.
Poste Italiane has confirmed its presence in the 2023 edition of S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook, which assesses the ESG performance of major companies globally. The Group is in the top 9% of the 7,800 companies evaluated for entry into the Sustainability Yearbook, falling into the “Top 5% S&P Global ESG Score 2022” bracket.
The Poste Italiane Group confirmed its rating of 1, considered to be the highest possible, in the Environment and Social areas, assigned by Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS). Moreover, in 2022, Poste Italiane improved its assessment of the Governance aspect, achieving a maximum rating of 1 for this area as well.
In 2022, Poste Italiane improved its corporate sustainability performance and leadership in the sector by earning an “AA” rating from MSCI, one of the leading agencies, for the great progress made with regard to the social aspect.
Poste Italiane in 2022 debuted in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index, the index that includes some 400 leading global companies in terms of corporate sustainability, which is structured from the basket of companies belonging to the STOXX Global 1800.