We have 12,755 Post Offices throughout the country.

The Group’s integrated multi-channel platform provides for the monitoring of customers and the provision of services through 3 channels:

  • the proprietary physical network: this consists of the Post Offices, the sales force for business customers and the logistics network for mail and parcel delivery;
  • a digital infrastructure and remote contact points: made up of all the Group’s digital properties and the contact centre, capable of serving the entire national population;
  • the third-party physical network: consisting of approximately 58 thousand points, the result of commercial partnership agreements for the marketing of Group products and services managed also through the recent acquisition of the company LIS. For further details, please refer to the section ‘Group structure’.
Omnichannel platform

Proprietary physical network: Post offices, Commercial network dedicated to business and public administration

Digital infrastructure and remote contact points: Digital properties (app, websites), Contact center

Third-party physical network: Punto Poste main partners - Lis sales outlets, Fit tabacconists, Eni service stations

Physical Network – Post Office

31 December 202231 December 2021
Macro Areas Post Office Network61.160.4
Branch offices1323.61323.6
Post offices12,75549.312,76551.2

All workforce data is shown in full-time equivalent terms in thousands

Macro Areas Post Office Network

Geographical Distribution of Post Offices and Branches

Infographic transcription

RegionPost OfficesBranches
Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste 71
Piedmont 1,38512 
Lombardy 1,87119 
Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol 323
Veneto 1,032
Friuli-Venezia Giulia 331
Liguria 426
Emilia-Romagna 89110 
Tuscany 90011 
Umbria 262
Marche 406
Lazio 788
Abruzzo 473
Molise 167
Campania 951
Apulia 471
Basilicata 180
Calabria 617
Sicily 76912 
Sardinia 441 4

Commercial network – Business and Public Administration

Macro Areas Business and Public Administration

Digital web channels and apps

Poste Italiane’s digital web and app channels are the access point to on-line services for 36.8 million retail users (33.8 million at 31 December 2021) and position themselves as both direct sales and after-sales channels. 68% of Poste Italiane’s interactions and 36% of its transactions are handled every day via remote channels (around 20% via digital channels). The average daily web and app users for 2022 was 5.8 million (4.3 million average daily users in 2021). Digital channel transactions also grew, and in 2022 amounted to 152.6 million for a transaction value of €40.3 billion (124.7 million transactions in 2021 for a transaction value of €32.7 billion).

Third-party Networks

Third-party networks play a crucial role in the Group’s omnichannel strategy. They have been strengthened to provide
Poste Italiane customers with a valid alternative to the post offices for access to transactional services. The objective is to
create a platform for the integration of the Group’s products with new third-party distribution channels and to use third-party
services within the Group’s commercial offerings, also introducing innovative services with high added value. Poste Italiane
contracted an extensive network of contact points, which was further strengthened during the year with the acquisition of
LIS, and counts 58 thousand contact points at 31 December 2022.

The acquisition of LIS in September 2022 increased the operations of the omnichannel platform, increasing average daily customer interactions by about 0.6 million.
In particular, operations increased significantly in the third-party network channel, which was supplemented by the new products handled following the acquisition (telephone top-ups of other operators, pagoPA and other services), reaching about one million average daily transactions (+161% compared to 2021), of which LIS accounts for about 88%.

The omnichannel importance of proximity networks is confirmed by the significant growth of parcel management (acceptance and delivery) on the third-party networks, which with 17.2 million parcels handled in 2022 shows 173% growth over 2021.

During the year 2022, the PuntoPoste¹¹ network expanded with the entry of more than 1,600 new points. At 31 December
2022, the Punto Poste network had more than 15,000 contact points.

11. The Punto Poste network consists of Pick-up Points – businesses offering parcel pick-up and delivery services – and Lockers, selfservice
points with extended opening hours. The network includes around 14,000 tobacconists licensed to provide mail and parcel