The 2022 performance of the Strategic Business Unit shows a decline in revenue in both the traditional mail business and the parcel business, despite the positive contribution of revenue from the acquisition of Plurima (€45 million in 2022). The operating result was adversely affected by higher provisions for risks, as discussed in more detail below, partially mitigated by lower personnel expenses.

The 2022 of the sector

Results and KPIs

External revenue3,6513,695(44)-1.2%
Revenue from other sectors4,8624,696 +165+3.5%
Total revenue8,5128,391+122+1.5%
Costs vs other sectors3978(40)-50.5%
Total costs8,8388,692+148+1.7%
EBIT Margin %-3.8%-3.6
NET RESULT(361)(226)(134)-59.4%
Operating KPIs20222021CHANGES
Mail and parcels
Revenue/FTE (€k)72702+3.0%
Parcels that can be delivered as standard mail (volumes in m)7180(10)-12.2%
New Punto Poste Network (number of lockers and alternative collection points)15,17713,504+1,613+11.9%
Incidence of parcels delivered using alternative channels¹ (%)6.0%2.6%+3%+131.4%
Number of customers (m)35.135.1+0+0.1%
Number of Post Offices12,75512,761(6)n/s
Rooms dedicated to consultancy7,8536,979+874+12.5%
Postamat ATM network8,1188,107+11+0.1%
Green fleet (electric vehicles)1,737+1,916+110.3%
Charging points installed4,0121,737+2,275+131.0%
Smart post boxes418405+13+3.2%
No. of buildings involved in the Smart Building project²1,61745+965+148.0%
Photovoltaic panels (no of buildings)16335+128n/a

¹ Third-party networks. Calculated as parcel volumes delivered on the Punto Poste network ( Lockers, tobacconists and other collect points) of total B2C parcel volumes
² Automated and remote management of buildings to achieve energy efficiencies

(€ m)

Road to 2024

“2024 Sustain & Innovate Plus” Strategy

Logistic player market leader, with the objective of growing in the parcels and express courier sector

  • Evolution of the logistics network
  • B2C market leadership
  • Growth in C2X and B2B markets
The parcel offer has been enriched with a new feature that will allow sellers, users of Second Hand
²⁴, to send parcels from proximity points (post offices, shops and tobacconists of the Punto
Poste network), also in paperless mode, i.e. without the need to print the label.

The extension of the Home delivery of medicines service continued in large cities and mediumsmall Municipalities, which are offered in instant mode (within 90 minutes of purchase), scheduled (at the desired time) or next day (day after purchase). The service is active in more than 170 Municipalities.
In May 2022, a majority share of the company Plurima, a leading Italian company in the healthcare logistics sector, was acquired.
MailProject “Smart Letter Boxes”²⁵ During 2022, 13 new mailboxes with screen were installed in Naples, which augment the 405 mailboxes installed from the start of the programme.
Creating value
for the country
As of June 2022, a tariff manoeuvre was initiated, which affected some Mail and Notification services. The price changes concern both some products belonging to Universal Services and additional ones²⁶, with a view to consistency of offer. The preparatory activities for a further tariff manoeuvre planned for 2023 were started, and with Resolution 29/23/CONS, published on 14 February 2023, AgCom initiated the procedure for the determination of new maximum tariffs for universal postal services.

24. The second hand economy is a form of circular economy that enables the re-marketing of goods, mainly on

25. This project involves replacing 10,500 traditional mailboxes with Smart boxes equipped with sensors to detect the presence of mail, environmental sensors to detect temperature, humidity and pollution and, for some, e-ink (electronic ink) screens to transmit advertising messages for the Group’s products and services.

26.More information on the tariff changes introduced can be found at the following web address: